Since we are a very small grassroots type of charitable organization, we rely highly on the work and support of our volunteer associates. Without their help, Pen of Mercy will not be able to operate and carry on the work of its projects abroad. We are very grateful for the help and support we get from our associates.

Hakem S. Rahman

(1988 – 2019) May he rest in peace

Hakem played a very active role in the inception of Pen of Mercy. It was by his incessant encouragement that Pen of Mercy was first founded by his mother, Shireen Sardar. The legal name of Pen of Mercy is Qalam Ar-Rahmah. It is an Arabic phrase which means Pen of Mercy. Hakem came up with this name since Pen of Mercy originally sold only Arabic calligraphy artwork made with pen and ink, in order to raise funds for its projects.

In April 2019 Hakem visited Gilgit, Pakistan and surrounding areas in the capacity of a volunteer photographer for Pen of Mercy. He visited many of the families which Pen of Mercy supports on a monthly basis. He took hundreds of pictures of the beautiful children and the beautiful regions they live in. He made several videos of the children and their homes.

Born and raised in Panama City, Florida, Hakem went to Egypt after he graduated from High school to learn Islamic studies and Arabic. After spending a couple of years in Egypt he moved to Amman, Jordan to further pursue his Islamic studies and Arabic language education. Later on he joined the University of Jordan in Amman to pursue a degree in Islamic jurisprudence. While in Jordan, Hakem facilitated it for Pen of Mercy to identify and to provide support for many Syrian refugee women and their children who were forced to leave their homes and take shelter in Amman, Jordan.

Hakem left his physical existence in this world October 18, 2019 in Pakistan and is buried in Peshawar, Pakistan. He leaves behind two daughters and one son.

Hakem was a very generous and giving person and will always be missed by all of us. It is our hope that Pen of Mercy and its continuing work will always be a source of honor for Hakem.

Nuzhet Ibrahim

Nuzhet runs Pen of Mercy’s operations in Pakistan in the Islamabad areas. She initiated Pen of Mercy’s annual Ramadan Food Package project and oversees it each year in the month before Ramadan.

Equipped with a Masters in Mass Communication from Alama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, and a Masters in Political Science from the University of Peshawar, along with many years of work experience in the non-profit sector, Nuzhet is the ideal person to help Pen of Mercy with its operations in Pakistan.

Nuzhet is the founder of “Woman & Child Welfare Association”, a non-profit organization registered in Pakistan, and is a strong advocate for women’s education and well being.

Nuzhet lives in Islamabad, Pakistan with her family.

Sabir Ayub

Sabir Ayub has been associated with Pen of Mercy since 2010. He runs Pen of Mercy ’s operations in the beautiful region of Gilgit, Pakistan. Sabir is responsible for sending us initial reports about the families in dire need in his area and is also responsible for sending us annual updates and reports about Pen of Mercy ’s ongoing operations there.

Being a local of Gilgit, Sabir is the best person to identify for Pen of Mercy the families that need help the most in that area of Pakistan.

Sabir Ayub has completed a Masters degree and works for the government of Pakistan. He has past work experience in the National Disaster Management Department of Gilgit-Baltistan. He is a member of the Gilgit-Baltistan Royal Welfare Foundation. Sabir Ayub lives in Gilgit with his family.

Muhammad Rafiq Jan

Rafiq Jan helps Pen of Mercy by visiting the beneficiaries in the KPK province especially the ones in the Balthistan area of Pakistan once a year and submits annual reports to us about their situation. Rafiq Jan also runs our annual Ramadan Food Packages project by distributing food to over 400 families each year before Ramadan in Pakistan. Besides that Rafiq Jan also helps Pen of Mercy with the Water Well and Solar Panel project by installing water wells and solar panels in needy households in the KPK province.

With a Masters degree in Development and an MBA, and many of years of work experience in the planning and developing field, Rafiq Jan is highly qualified to help us in our operations in the KPK province of Pakistan.

Currently Rafiq Jan works for the Pakistan government in the Planning and Development department in the KPK province.

Rafiq Jan enjoys camping and exploring new areas in the mountainous regions of Pakistan. He lives in Peshawar with his family.

Saroosh Javid

Saroosh has obtained a Masters degree in Urdu from Peshawar University. Additionally she also has a B.Ed from Alama Iqbal University.

Saroosh has a passion for helping the poor. She identifies needy families for Pen of Mercy and then facilitates the disbursement of funds to them on a monthly basis.

Besides volunteering for Pen of Mercy, Saroosh also carries on charitable work on her own by helping the poor and fundrasing for them from her friends and family on a regular basis. Saroosh also provides food packages to the poor during the month of Ramadan.

Saroosh lives in Hayatabad, Peshawar, with her family.

Salma Baseer

Salma has been involved in volunteering for Pen of Mercy since its inception in 2008.

Salma helps Pen of Mercy by providing us with information about families in the KPK province of Pakistan, who need help with the college education of their children. She also visits the homes of those families and provide us with needed reports and photographs.

Salma’s passion in life is to help the unfortunate ones. She feels strongly for the suffering of poor people. Besides the volunteer work, Salma keeps herself busy with creative fabric art work, studying the Quran and playing with her grand kids. Salma lives in Peshawar, Pakistan with her family.