We Support Children And Youth

To Reach Their Full Potential

We Give Hope

We help needy families with monetary support on a monthly basis at a time when they are in dire need of it. It helps them feel more hopeful that at least each month there’s someone watching out for them.

We Educate

We provide college scholarships to students who want to study but cannot afford college tuition. We also help our monthly beneficiary families with the school expenses of their young school going children.

We Give Water

We pay for the installation of water wells in poor households that do not have their own access to water. We also install water wells in villages that provide water to many families that live in those villages.

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Ramadan Food Packages

Pen of Mercy is currently collecting money for the upcoming month of Ramadan. Please click the donate button below to make your donation for the food packages.

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We Feed

We provide monthly food rations to families with small children who come from extremely poor households. We also distribute food packages each Ramadan to more than 500 families.

We Provide Care

We help pay for medical bills for children and their parents on a need basis.

We Give Shelter

We help raise funds for the construction of new homes or the repairs of current homes for families that would otherwise be homeless or live in homes with inadequate shelter.

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