We Distribute Food Packages to the Poor for Ramadan

Each year Pen of Mercy distributes non-perishable food packages to poor families in Pakistan just before Ramadan.

In April of 2021 we distributed food packages to over 600 poor families in Pakistan just before the beginning of Ramadan. In 2020 in addition to the Ramadan food packages, in April of 2020 we distributed 306 food packages to families of the daily wage earning laborers who were adversely affected by the COVID-19.

A total of 630 families (approximately at least 3,150 individuals) benefited from the food packages distributed by Pen of Mercy in Ramadan of 2021.

This year we have decided to increase some of the quantities in each food package. Specifically we have decided to double the quantity of the flour in each package since its the staple food for most families and based on the feedback we received from them the 20 kg bag just didn't last them all through the month of Ramadan.

This year the approximate cost of each package will be $40. This rate fluctuates depending on the cost of the items in Pakistan and the $ exchange rate at the time we send the funds there.

Each package lasts approximately fourteen days to four weeks for a family depending on the size of the family. Many households in Pakistan have more than nine members due to the fact that the elderly grandparents also live with the family. The following items are included in each package:

·       Flour (40 kg bag)

·       Ghee/Cooking Oil (5 kg container)

·       Sugar (5 kg bag)

·       Rice (5 kg bag)

·       Tea (0.5 kg package)

·       Daal - Lentils (2 kg bag)

·       Rooh Afza – Sweetened Drink (1 liter bottle)

We substitute dates instead of tea in some areas.

Food Packages Prepared for Distribution