Water Wells Installation

Pen of Mercy installs water well systems in poor households that don't have access to water. In 2020 we installed 20 water well systems in poor households in the villages of the KPK province of Pakistan. In 2021 we installed 28 water well systems in poor households in KPK, Pakistan.

Many poor households in the villages in Pakistan do not have access to clean water and rely on getting water from their neighbors' house or fetching it from outside the village. Women and children fetch water on a daily basis, sometimes making several trips in a day.

Our associates in Pakistan take surveys in small villages to assess which households are in need of water well systems. Priority is given to poor households with widows, small children, elderly family members and families with many members living in the same household.

Supplies and materials are purchased from local stores in the villages. Local laborers are hired for the installation of the water well systems. Before purchasing the supplies and materials, price quotes are taken from three separate venders. The store with the best value in terms of price and quality is selected.

Before and after pictures are taken of the household where the water well is installed. Our associate provides a detailed report once all wells are installed.

Pen of Mercy is registered with the US Government undersection 501(c)(3) as a tax exempt non-profit organization. Donations made to Pen of Mercy are tax exempt. Money donated for the water well systems installation is zakat eligible.

Water Wells Installed in Poor Village Households