Ayat-ul-Kursi - Fine Art Print - Beige Color
Ayat-ul-Kursi - Fine Art Print - Beige Color
Ayat-ul-Kursi - Fine Art Print - Beige Color

Ayat-ul-Kursi - Fine Art Print - Beige Color

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The black ink of the classical Arabic calligraphy writing against the background color makes this piece of art have a very clean, pristine and immaculate look. The classical Arabic calligraphy without the clutter of ornate decorations makes this piece an ideal addition to any theme style. Whether your home/office is decorated in traditional or modern themes, this piece will fit perfectly into it and enhance it further.

The Arabic transliteration of this piece is, "Ayat-ul-Kursi" which means, “The verse of the Throne”. It is verse 255 in the 2nd chapter of the Holy Quran. Muslims believe that reciting this verse enters the person into spiritual and physical protection of God against anything evil or harmful. This is perhaps the most memorized and recited verse by Muslims all over the world. Muslims like to recite this verse several times in a day especially early morning and as night approaches.

Print of original Arabic calligraphy art by Shireen Sardar.  Shireen prefers not to have her signature printed on front of her Quranic calligraphy art, therefore a certificate of authentication signed by Shireen Sardar is provided to the customer's email address used in placing the order.

Our fine art prints are just the way to add that beautiful finishing touch to a room! Printed on archival quality paper and a perfect matte finish for framing.

• Printed on Breathing Color Pura Smooth paper (archival quality)
• 300gsm weight
• Matte finish, no surface glare
• Printed by an 11 colour Epson printer using Epson Ultrachrome HDX inks
• Inks are museum quality and feature print permanence ratings of up to 200 years
• Resistant to humidity, UV and atmospheric ozone

Keep in mind that the largest size print examples are used in the pictures of the rooms for this product.