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In today’s age of social media and the internet, handwritten note cards are rare and exciting. They demonstrate just how important the recipient is to the sender. People understand and appreciate what goes into handwriting a personal note, particularly when sending an email is so much easier.

A hand-written note card is always appreciated. Note cards make great thank you cards, announcements or personal stationery. Brighten someone's day, and surprise them by sending them a handwritten note card. We write to remind people they’re special; but let’s face it, handwritten cards make us look pretty special too.

More reasons for sending handwritten note cards:

  • It's an elegant and memorable way to touch the people you love.
  • It can actually make you happier as well as the recipient of your note card.
  • It confirms the importance of a relationship.
  • It's a classy thing to do.
  • It creates a wonderful surprise.

Front of this card is a print of Arabic calligraphy art by Shireen Sardar. The English transliteration "Houbb" means "Love". 

Set of 10 blank flat cards with 10 white envelopes.

Being connected is easier than ever, but so is getting lost in the noise. These days, cards go above and beyond the ordinary, adding a personal, tangible touch that leaves a real impact on their recipients. If your message really matters, send a card.

• Made in USA

• Sold in sets of 10

• Standard Fine Finch 110#

• Printed on HP Indigo Printers

• 7x5 Single Sided Card

• Blank White Envelopes Included

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